A wonderful CLI to track your time


addAdd time to a project with tag(s) that was not tracked live
aggregateDisplay a report of the time spent on each project aggregated by day
cancelCancel the last call to the start command. The time will not be recorded
configGet and set configuration options
editEdit a frame
framesDisplay the list of all frame IDs
helpDisplay help information
logDisplay each recorded session during the given timespan
mergePerform a merge of the existing frames with a conflicting frames file. When storing the frames on a file hosting service, there is the possibility that the frame file goes out-of-sync due to one or more of the connected clients going offline. This can cause the frames to diverge
projectsDisplay the list of all the existing projects
removeRemove a frame. You can specify the frame either by id or by position (ex: -1 for the last frame)
renameRename a project or tag
reportDisplay a report of the time spent on each project
restartRestart monitoring time for a previously stopped project
startStart monitoring time for the given project. You can add tags indicating more specifically what you are working on with +tag
statusDisplay when the current project was started and the time spent since
stopStop monitoring time for the current project
syncGet the frames from the server and push the new ones
tagsDisplay the list of all the tags


  • Persistent ⚖
--versionShow the version for watson
--colorColor output
--no-colorNo color output