tmux new <shell-command>

Create a new session


shell-commandA shell command to run when creating the session


-ABehave like attach-session if session-name already exist
-dUse the initial size from default-size
-DBehave like -d if -A is set
-EDo not use update-environment option
-PPrint information about the new session
-XBehave like -x if -A is set
-c <start-directory>Specify a start directory for the session
-e <environment>Set environment variables
-f <flags>Set client flags
-F <format>Format output
-n <window-name>Start a new session with the given name
-s <session-name>Start a new session with the given name
-t <group-name>The name of the group
-x <width>The width of the session
-y <height>The height of the session