Shopify CLI helps you build Shopify apps. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, Shopify Scripts (beta), and Shopify themes. You can also use it for Shopify themes and when automating many common development tasks. Visit to know more


themeSuite of commands for developing Shopify themes
appThis reference lists the Shopify CLI commands for apps
extensionSuite of commands for developing app extensions
loginAuthenticates you, and logs you into the specified store, with Shopify CLI
logoutLogs you out of the Shopify account or Partner account and store. The logout command clears credentials. You need to reauthenticate the next time that you connect to a store
populateAdds example data to your store for testing your app or theme’s behavior.The populate command lets you specify which type of data you're populating, and how many to create
storeDisplays the store that you're currently connected to
versionDisplays the version of Shopify CLI that you're running
configConfigures Shopify CLI options. There are two available options: analytics and feature
whoamiDetermines which Partner organization you're logged in to, or which store you're logged in to as a staff member
switchSwitches between stores without logging out and logging in again
scriptShopify Scripts is in beta and only available to stores on the Shopify Plus plan. Enrollment to the beta program is closed


--help, -h
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