helm repo add

Add a chart repository


--allow-deprecated-reposBy default, this command will not allow adding official repos that have been permanently deleted. This disables that behavior
--ca-file <ca-file>Verify certificates of HTTPS-enabled servers using this CA bundle
--cert-file <cert-file>Identify HTTPS client using this SSL certificate file
--force-updateReplace (overwrite) the repo if it already exists
--insecure-skip-tls-verifySkip tls certificate checks for the repository
--key-file <key-file>Identify HTTPS client using this SSL key file
--no-updateIgnored. Formerly, it would disabled forced updates. It is deprecated by force-update
--pass-credentialsPass credentials to all domains
--password <password>Chart repository password
--password-stdinRead chart repository password from stdin
--username <username>Chart repository username