helm help

Help about any command


completionGenerate autocompletion scripts for the specified shell
createCreate a new chart with the given name
dep, dependencies, dependencyManage a chart's dependencies
envHelm client environment information
getDownload extended information of a named release
hist, historyFetch release history
installInstall a chart
lintExamine a chart for possible issues
ls, listList releases
packagePackage a chart directory into a chart archive
pluginInstall, list, or uninstall Helm plugins
fetch, pullDownload a chart from a repository and (optionally) unpack it in local directory
pushPush a chart to remote
registryLogin to or logout from a registry
repoAdd, list, remove, update, and index chart repositories
rollbackRoll back a release to a previous revision
s3Manage chart repositories on Amazon S3
searchSearch for a keyword in charts
inspect, showShow information of a chart
statusDisplay the status of the named release
templateLocally render templates
testRun tests for a release
del, delete, un, uninstallUninstall a release
unittestUnittest for helm charts
upgradeUpgrade a release
verifyVerify that a chart at the given path has been signed and is valid
versionPrint the client version information