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loginLog into a user account
logoutLog out of the current user account
lockLock the vault and destroy active session keys
unlockUnlock the vault and return a new session key
syncPull the latest vault data from server
generateGenerate a password/passphrase
encodeBase 64 encode stdin
configConfigure CLI settings
updateCheck for updates
completionGenerate shell completions
statusShow server, last sync, user information, and vault status
serveStart a RESTful API webserver
listList an array of objects from the vault
getGet an object from the vault
createCreate an object in the vault
editEdit an object from the vault
deleteDelete an object from the vault
restoreRestores an object from the trash
moveMove an item to an organization
confirmConfirm an object to the organization
importImport vault data from a file
exportExport vault data to a CSV or JSON file
share--DEPRECATED-- Move an item to an organization
sendWork with Bitwarden sends. A Send can be quickly created using this command or subcommands can be used to fine-tune the Send
receiveAccess a Bitwarden Send from a url
helpDisplay help for command


--prettyFormat output. JSON is tabbed with two spaces
--rawReturn raw output instead of a descriptive message
--responseReturn a JSON formatted version of response output
--cleanexitExit with a success exit code (0) unless an error is thrown
--quietDon't return anything to stdout
--nointeractionDo not prompt for interactive user input
--session <session>Pass session key instead of reading from env
-v, --versionOutput the version number
-h, --helpDisplay help for command