airflow tasks clear <dag_id>

Clear a set of task instance, as if they never ran


dag_idThe id of the dag


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit
-R, --dag-regexSearch dag_id as regex instead of exact string
-d, --downstreamInclude downstream tasks
-e, --end-date <end_date>Override end_date YYYY-MM-DD
-X, --exclude-parentdagExclude ParentDAGS if the task cleared is a part of a SubDAG
-x, --exclude-subdagsExclude subdags
-f, --only-failedOnly failed jobs
-r, --only-runningOnly running jobs
-s, --start-date <start_date>Override start_date YYYY-MM-DD
-S, --subdir <subdir>File location or directory from which to look for the dag. Defaults to '[AIRFLOW_HOME]/dags' where [AIRFLOW_HOME] is the value you set for 'AIRFLOW_HOME' config you set in 'airflow.cfg'
-t, --task-regex <task_regex>The regex to filter specific task_ids to backfill (optional)
-u, --upstreamInclude upstream tasks
-y, --yesDo not prompt to confirm. Use with care!