airflow dags backfill <dag_id>

Run subsections of a DAG for a specified date range


dag_idThe id of the dag


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit
-c, --conf <conf>JSON string that gets pickled into the DagRun's conf attribute
--continue-on-failuresIf set, the backfill will keep going even if some of the tasks failed
--delay-on-limit <delay_on_limit>Amount of time in seconds to wait when the limit on maximum active dag runs (max_active_runs) has been reached before trying to execute a dag run again
-x, --donot-pickleDo not attempt to pickle the DAG object to send over to the workers, just tell the workers to run their version of the code
-n, --dry-runPerform a dry run for each task. Only renders Template Fields for each task, nothing else
-e, --end-date <end_date>Override end_date YYYY-MM-DD
-i, --ignore-dependenciesSkip upstream tasks, run only the tasks matching the regexp. Only works in conjunction with task_regex
-I, --ignore-first-depends-on-pastIgnores depends_on_past dependencies for the first set of tasks only (subsequent executions in the backfill DO respect depends_on_past)
-l, --localRun the task using the LocalExecutor
-m, --mark-successMark jobs as succeeded without running them
--pool <pool>Resource pool to use
--rerun-failed-tasksIf set, the backfill will auto-rerun all the failed tasks for the backfill date range instead of throwing exceptions
--reset-dagrunsIf set, the backfill will delete existing backfill-related DAG runs and start anew with fresh, running DAG runs
-B, --run-backwardsIf set, the backfill will run tasks from the most recent day first. if there are tasks that depend_on_past this option will throw an exception
-s, --start-date <start_date>Override start_date YYYY-MM-DD
-S, --subdir <subdir>File location or directory from which to look for the dag. Defaults to '[AIRFLOW_HOME]/dags' where [AIRFLOW_HOME] is the value you set for 'AIRFLOW_HOME' config you set in 'airflow.cfg'
-t, --task-regex <task_regex>The regex to filter specific task_ids to backfill (optional)
--treat-dag-as-regexIf set, dag_id will be treated as regex instead of an exact string
-v, --verboseMake logging output more verbose
-y, --yesDo not prompt to confirm. Use with care!