airflow dags

Manage DAGs


backfillRun subsections of a DAG for a specified date range
deleteDelete all DB records related to the specified DAG
listList all the DAGs
list-import-errorsList all the DAGs that have import errors
list-jobsList the jobs
list-runsList DAG runs given a DAG id
next-executionGet the next execution datetimes of a DAG
pausePause a DAG
reportShow DagBag loading report
reserializeReserialize all DAGs by parsing the DagBag files
showDisplays DAG's tasks with their dependencies
show-dependenciesDisplays DAGs with their dependencies
stateGet the status of a dag run
testExecute one single DagRun
triggerTrigger a DAG run
unpauseResume a paused DAG


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit