airflow dag-processor

Start a standalone Dag Processor instance


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit
-D, --daemonDaemonize instead of running in the foreground
-p, --do-pickleAttempt to pickle the DAG object to send over to the workers, instead of letting workers run their version of the code
-l, --log-file <log_file>Location of the log file
-n, --num-runs <num_runs>Set the number of runs to execute before exiting
--pid [pid]PID file location
--stderr <stderr>Redirect stderr to this file
--stdout <stdout>Redirect stdout to this file
-S, --subdir <subdir>File location or directory from which to look for the dag. Defaults to '[AIRFLOW_HOME]/dags' where [AIRFLOW_HOME] is the value you set for 'AIRFLOW_HOME' config you set in 'airflow.cfg'