airflow celery worker

Start a Celery worker node


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit
-a, --autoscale <autoscale>Minimum and Maximum number of worker to autoscale
-H, --celery-hostname <celery_hostname>Set the hostname of celery worker if you have multiple workers on a single machine
-c, --concurrency <concurrency>The number of worker processes
-D, --daemonDaemonize instead of running in the foreground
-l, --log-file <log_file>Location of the log file
--pid [pid]PID file location
-q, --queues <queues>Comma delimited list of queues to serve
-s, --skip-serve-logsDon't start the serve logs process along with the workers
--stderr <stderr>Redirect stderr to this file
--stdout <stdout>Redirect stdout to this file
-u, --umask <umask>Set the umask of celery worker in daemon mode
--without-gossipDon't subscribe to other workers events
--without-mingleDon't synchronize with other workers at start-up