airflow celery flower

Start a Celery Flower


-h, --helpShow this help message and exit
-A, --basic-auth <basic_auth>Securing Flower with Basic Authentication. Accepts user:password pairs separated by a comma. Example: flower_basic_auth = user1:password1,user2:password2
-a, --broker-api <broker_api>Broker API
-D, --daemonDaemonize instead of running in the foreground
-c, --flower-conf <flower_conf>Configuration file for flower
-H, --hostname <hostname>Set the hostname on which to run the server
-l, --log-file <log_file>Location of the log file
--pid [pid]PID file location
-p, --port <port>The port on which to run the server
--stderr <stderr>Redirect stderr to this file
--stdout <stdout>Redirect stdout to this file
-u, --url-prefix <url_prefix>URL prefix for Flower